Simon Sinek wraps up this week’s Skills Series, unveiling the root cause of why most people struggle to form deep, meaningful relationships. Simon observes that today’s generation suffers from lower self-esteem, lack of coping mechanisms, and the desire for instant gratification. Unfortunately, this leads to a life where everything is mediocre, just fine, but nothing is ever extraordinary. 

The problem is the institutionalized sense of impatience, where everything is considered a scavenger hunt, and the demand for instant gratification takes center stage. Instead of turning to someone, most people would rather turn to a device or a bottle to seek solace and comfort. 

Simon highlights that life is a journey and that it takes patience to go on a journey. Likewise, fulfilling life is not made instantly. Instead, He believes that lasting fulfillment is achieved when we help others, connect with others, and treat life’s journey as if it’s the destination itself. 

Source: Simon Sinek: Understanding The Game We’re Playing

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