John Kanary wraps up the week with a brilliant talk on the razor’s edge difference, or that fine line that sets the successful apart from everybody else. He explains that there wasn’t really a big difference among people. But more crucial to consider is the difference in things they accomplish.

For instance, one almost completes the task, while the other one completes it. Likewise, that razor’s edge difference could be that one simple action that you do every single day. And for John, it’s that 1% difference that makes the biggest difference in your life.

Overall, John firmly believes that you are likely one step or one idea away from turning on to the boulevard of beauty in your life. As he says in today’s clip, “The line between winning and losing is as fine as the razor’s edge.”

Source: Bob Proctor – You Were Born Rich – Complete 10 Hour Seminar (Law of Attraction Secrets)

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