Trent Shelton returns to QOD to illustrate the endless potential of the self. Most of us live in a limited mindset and tend to think of the impossibilities and all of the reasons why we can’t be something. But Trent contends that the only impossibility that exists are the walls that you create. 

Trent reveals the four keys to overcoming these limiting thoughts. The first key is to stop talking yourself out of your greatness and start reminding yourself of how great you are. Secondly, stop taking advice from the wrong people and start taking advice from the successful people or those with expertise relevant to your goal. Next is to stop accepting the can’ts in your life and start challenging them.

Lastly, stop letting perception control your life and start embracing the struggles in your life. One of the worst ways to live life is faking perfection. After all, no matter how perfect you are, people are still going to judge you anyway. Ultimately, don’t let anyone, not even yourself, plant impossibilities in your life.

Source: Stop Leaving Your Life up To Chance | Trent Shelton

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