Today, the late Debbie Ford shares her wondrous experience, which transformed her life extraordinarily. At the core of that momentous change lies the process of acceptance. As she points out, the “bad” qualities you see in yourself are not to be discarded and buried into secrecy but to be embraced, accepted, and loved. 

According to Debbie, the moment she accepted and embraced all that she was, was also the moment her life changed for the best. She realized that they were gifts or blessings. And instead of treating these qualities with animosity, she felt empowered as she had the choice to use them to her advantage. In her words, “I then no longer had to try to hide it, that I could actually use that part of me when needed.” 

We have to love and embrace all that we are and make peace with the totality of our humanity. Because overall, peace and prosperity with the inner self pave the way for the creation of a prosperous and harmonious reality. 

Source: The Answers are Within You

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