In this episode, Dr. George Fraser enumerates the key elements of what makes a stunning first impression. Firstly, he explains that the purpose of creating an excellent first impression is to fascinate the other person’s interests so they would want to know more about you later on. 

Moreover, Dr. Fraser highlights that central to your personal introduction is the emphasis on adding value to others. And you have to prove it by quantifying it in a matter of a few words. In addition, even beyond the words you say, your body language and facial expressions contribute to your overall impression.

Remember that time is a precious commodity, so make it count.  As the saying goes, every battle is won before it’s ever fought. And one of the key elements to that victory is a great and striking first impression that lasts.

Source: EMPOWER Series (with NABA, NSN & UFSC) Dr. George Fraser on Mistakes When Networking

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