In reality, one cannot live on this planet without money. Simply put, money is essential in day-to-day living, especially in elevating the quality of the life you’re living. And in this episode, Grant Cardone underscores the vital importance of effort and productivity in pursuing success.

According to Grant, there are the great ones, then there’s everybody else. To rise above mediocrity entails sacrifice, hard work, and being surrounded with quality people—specifically, those who are financially motivated.

He further encourages us to surpass our limits and broaden the range of our perspectives. Apparently, most people set their targets solely based on what they need. Dreams have to be bigger than what you’re thinking about. Lastly, it’s not really about getting what you need, but also what you truly deserve.

Source: DAY 1 Grant Cardone @ eXp Realty Cabo Mastermind 2021

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