In this episode, Wayne Dyer illustrates that knowledge and courage are complementary elements of greatness. Otherwise, knowledge without courage is futile. Indeed, risk-taking and confidence go hand in hand. As the old saying goes, “Fortune favors the brave.” 

According to Dr. Dyer, the reality is that success comes at the risk of failure. There are no guarantees, no easy way, and no shortcuts to success. However, Wayne is saying that you shouldn’t let any of these challenges stop you from taking a risk. Because the only way to have success in your life is to experience failure and disappointments. Often, the greater the pain, the greater the lesson and experience gained. 

Finally, Dr. Dyer reminds us that learning is a lifelong journey. And if you want to be the best, then take a risk, keep going, and overcome your fears. Because in life, you either win or learn.

Source: What Do You Really Want for Your Children?

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