In this episode, Stuart Wilde reveals some misbeliefs about money, wealth, and affluence. He further illustrates how the standards of limitation that our culture and society had long ago engraved in our minds were the perpetrators of the misbeliefs we have today. 

According to Stuart, the limitations were made by those in power to exploit and manipulate others into staying ignorant and poor. Unfortunately, the remnants of the past still permeate today, and they appear in the forms of poverty mindset, passivity, and misbeliefs about money. 

For this reason, he elaborates on the cultivation of the money mindset.  He explains that the money mindset paves the way for projecting abundance, which enhances and increases the abundance that you have. Finally, Stuart highlights the power of the mind. After all, our life is what our thoughts make it.

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Source: The Mastery of Money, by Stuart Wilde

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