In this episode, Lisa Jimenez accentuates the factors that may keep you from the ultimate breakthrough success you deserve. She shares this to us by illustrating how courage and knowledge are vital elements of greatness.

Since way back, we were taught to fear rejections and see failures in a bad light. But for Lisa, these misconceptions just elicit self-limiting beliefs that hinder your growth and potential. For this reason, Lisa argues that anything taught to you can be unlearned.

If your thoughts, fears, and ideas are limiting you, then unlearn them. Because what you think about fear, rejection, and failure ultimately affects your actions, decisions, and overall character. Finally, Lisa is reminding you to never doubt the power of your own potential. Dare to unlearn these self-limiting beliefs and retrain your brain once again.

Source: Are Your Beliefs Serving You Or Holding You Back – Lisa Jimenez

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