In this episode, Kanye West emphasizes the value of artistry above anything else. According to Kanye West, it is easy to lose yourself in the sea of material possessions. And when you lose yourself, you lose your purpose, and therefore your art. 

Kanye West firmly believes that art expresses precisely what you feel. It comes from something pure and unique inside of you that is untainted by conformity and compromise that pervades the adult world. For this reason, Kanye West reminds us to never lose the real you. 

Finally, art expresses the truth no matter what. Kanye West stands firm with his artistry and will always reflect the truth no matter what. No gold or wealth is tantamount to the value of art, because according to Kanye West, art itself is priceless. 

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Source: SAIC Artist Talk: Kanye West (HON 2015)