One foot in, one foot out.

This is how most people live their lives.

They say they want to be, do, and have something. But there’s a big difference between wanting something and being committed to it.

When your level of commitment doesn’t match your level of desire, you won’t have what you desire.

It’s really that simple.

In other words, you get what you’re committed to. And when you commit to something different, you’ll have something different.

So if your life isn’t getting any better, if your results aren’t changing, take ownership of the fact that your circumstances are your commitments.

Why is commitment so scarce?

Because commitment is scary. The way things are is familiar and cozy … but commitment is tense.

To commit is to live in the tension of wanting something and not having it (yet). It’s knowing that there’s no guarantee that things will pan out. It’s opening yourself up to recurrent rejection and criticism.

The uncommitted appear to be most committed to finding that place where there is joy without pain, all praise and no rejection, predictability without the unforeseeable.

How could one not feel hopeless looking for a place that doesn’t exist?

Wherever you’re hiding to avoid the inevitable pain of commitment, you won’t find happiness there.

Commitment is the source of the happiness you seek.

What are you willing to commit to?

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Source: Using the Power of Commitment to Manifest Your Good Now – Rev. Ike’s Lessons, Blessings, & Testings

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