In this episode, Wallo267 shares with us what it’s like to live a life of freedom, acceptance, and growth. 

As someone that lived with revenge deeply etched into his heart, Wallo267 tells us how a life of revenge only eats you up inside and takes away the possibility of a better future. And so he implores to forgive, let go, and set yourself free from being a prisoner of your own mind.

We have to learn to embrace life and its complexities – the beauty, ugly, happiness, sorrow, joy, and miseries of it all. 

To live life to the fullest is to accept life as a whole. After all, we’re given only one chance to make the best of this experience and opportunity.

Finally, hate only begets hate. And it is only in love and forgiveness that we can break the cycle of hatred, revenge, and sorrow. 

Source: I forgave my brothers killer | WALLO267 | TEDxBuckhead

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