I taught a class last night.

We covered a number of concepts about the neurobiology of money mindset and how to identify and resolve limiting beliefs that are pushing your good away.

But of all the things I taught last night, it was the last of our 3 topics that’ll make the most difference in the lives of those who attended.

You see, we can talk money mindset until we’re blue in the face. But none of it will ever work if you don’t believe in yourself.

In other words, your net worth will never exceed your self worth.

If your inner critic is screaming your ear off as you move toward your goal, eventually you’ll give up.

If you see yourself as unworthy, incapable, and undeserving of your dream, you’ll never have it.

You MUST believe in you.

(If you missed last night’s class, you can catch the replay here.)

Today on the podcast, Reverend Ike encourages you to learn how to have faith in yourself, without giving a darn about what other people think.

Source: How to Build Your Self-Belief to Obtain Your Prosperity & Happiness (A Law of Attraction Principle)

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