So easily triggered.

Generally speaking, that’s the world we’re living in these days.

People get so bent out of shape over things.

Just angry.

Incensed over something someone tweeted 10 years ago.

Deeply offended by rather benign forms of personal expression.

Ending longtime friendships over political opinions.

It’s like we’ve become advocates for groupthink.

Like 1984 arrived 36 years late.

Because if you don’t believe what I believe, you’re a terrible person. You need to be canceled. Click. Unfollowed.

But before I unfollow you, I’m gonna leave a comment and tell you I’m unfollowing you. So there!

Seriously … what is going on?

Not only have many of us given up responsibility for our lives, we’ve relinquished control of our emotional states.

Our emotions have itchy trigger fingers, and we’re just looking for a reason to squeeze one off.

(Somewhere someone is offended by the gun metaphor in the above sentence. But I’m refusing to change it. So there.)

If what the great teachers say is true, everything is energy.

They say you attract people, events, and opportunities into your life according to your energy, or your vibration.

And they say your feelings (your emotions) are the very best indicator of how you’re vibrating.

Problem is, most of us are handing over our vibrational controls to other people.

We’re literally giving someone else — politicians, the media, influencers, whoever — permission to run our lives by dictating how we’re feeling, how we’re vibrating, and thus what we’re attracting.

Trigger me, please. I beg you.

To be clear, I’m not saying it’s not okay to feel upset, angry, or other uncomfortable emotions. Emotional suppression is one of the unhealthiest things you can do.

But what’s problematic is when we cling to uncomfortable emotions so much that we identify with them. Instead of feeling anger, you are angry.

And when that’s the case, you can’t help but filter life through a lens of anger and self-righteousness. All you can see are things to be angry about.

If this sounds like you, imagine where your vibration is. Imagine what you’re attracting. Like attracts like.

On today’s QOD episode, Bob Proctor Week continues as Bob gives a much-needed reminder that YOU are in charge of your emotions and the energetic frequency you’re broadcasting to the world.

No one else is in charge.

Just you.

Enjoy today’s quote. Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!