Who knew?

Who had any idea that this simple idea I had while driving down Interstate 5 would be downloaded over 20 million times and impact so many lives?

I certainly didn’t. Honestly, I used to worry about how I’d be able to find enough clips to get us to episode 100.

But the clips kept showing up — as did you — and today we celebrate the 1000th episode of The Quote of The Day Show.

Someone once said, “Ideas are worthless, execution is everything.”

I encourage you to honor your ideas. Act on them. Bring them out of your head and into the world. Because you never know who they might touch.

Thanks so much for listening to the show and for sharing it with your friends and family. Super grateful!

And since it’s Throwback Thursday, we’re gonna turrrrrrrrn back that clock all the way to episode #001 and our first speaker ever, Mr. Bob Proctor. Enjoy.

Enjoy today’s quote. Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!