We’ll do it when everything is perfect.

Many times, waiting for everything to be perfect (including ourselves) is what keeps us from making our contribution to the world. We want everything to be just right before we can shine our lights and be seen.

But what if your perfection isn’t what the world really needs? What if I told you that the day you declare things to be perfect, you will have lost your ability to connect with those you wish to help?

The truth is, perfection isn’t the least bit relatable. It’s not real. It comes off as inauthentic. It makes you appear a little less human.

Besides, things will never be perfect. And really, that’s something we should all be grateful for. Because whenever we fall, we have the opportunity to show the world how we get up. What we view as our undesirable imperfections can be the greatest source of inspiration in the lives of other.

On today’s episode of The Quote of The Day Show, Lisa Nichols give a POWERFUL talk on the beauty of your imperfection. I bet you can’t listen to this just once!

Watch the entire 60-minute talk on the Mindvalley Academy YouTube channel.

Speaking of Lisa, she has a FREE all-week Prosperity Power Jam kicking off TODAY and running through Friday. Sign up to watch and hear Lisa and her hand-picked lineup of authors, speakers, and coaches show you how to move toward your goals.

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Okay, that’s it for me. Enjoy today’s QOD, and I hope you get to catch some of Lisa’s event this week.

Happy Monday!

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