It’s like a boomerang.

You can stand near the cliff, launch it through the sky, and soon it will come back.

In fact, there’s no doubt that it will return. It comes back every single time. It’s physics.

Just as physics operates on clearly defined, reliable laws, so too does giving.

What you give comes back. Every single time.

It may not come back immediately. It may not come back from where you expected. But it will come back. It’s a law.

Unfortunately, many of us stand petrified on our cliffs, anxiously clutching our boomerangs of generosity, contemplating the possibility that they will never return once we let them fly.

We feel like giving makes us vulnerable to losing something that we may never get back, especially when we think we don’t have much to give.

As Les Brown says on today’s episode of The Quote of The Day Show

“Most people don’t give because they don’t understand the ABUNDANCE in life. And so they go through life holding back on life, not understanding that what you hold back from life, life holds back from you.”

When you’re standing on the cliff clutching your boomerang, you keep your hand from opening to receive.

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