I don’t know much about airplanes.

Actually it’s probably my lack of knowledge about how a ginormous piece of metal can stay up in the air that sends me into a minor panic at the first sign of turbulence. 

But there’s one thing I do know about planes. It’s that they don’t go from point A to point B in a straight line. In fact, each plane is outfitted with a mechanism that allows for course correction. In other words, when the plane gets off course, this mechanism gets it back on track. 

Why am I telling you this?

Well, because this is exactly how successful people operate. They don’t always make the right decisions. They don’t always crush the product launch. In fact, most successful people will admit to making almost as many bad moves as good ones.

Yet despite these errors, what make the successful person soar is her ability to course correct. To accept the feedback and shift course while riding out the turbulence and keeping her eyes trained on the destination.

Decide. Accept feedback. Correct course.

Act courageously. Accept feedback. Correct course.

Persist. Accept feedback. Correct course.

On today’s episode of The Quote of The Day Show, author and speaker Brian Tracy talks about the power of decision, courage, and persistence. Plus, he reveals what a 12-year study revealed to be the difference between who succeeds and who doesn’t. 

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