Within your subconscious mind resides more wisdom than you’ll likely ever know at a conscious level. It is waiting to reveal this wisdom to you. Yet many times we are unwilling to allow for this revealing. We ignore it. Or we shut it out.

Sooner or later, something occurs in our lives — a sickness, a sabotage, an accident — that forces us to look at our lives and all of the things we’ve been ignoring or sweeping under the rug. We get a wake-up call.

But what if we made a decision to take a look at our issues before we’re coerced to do so? What if we opened our eyes to those not-so-pretty realities of our lives before the alarm bells ring and jolt us back to what’s real?

On today’s episode of The Quote of The Day Show, Marianne Williamson encourages you to deal with it now.

This clip comes from Marianne’s audio program A Return to Love Workshop: The Basics of A Course in Miracles.

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