Failure is your friend.

Personally, I welcome failure. It has an open invitation to stop by anytime. To heckle me. To get on my case. But most of all, to teach me. To give me feedback.

Fear of failure is a real thing. It’s something I dealt with for a long time, and still do every so often.

Most often this fear is connected to our sense of self-worth. We make failing mean something about ourselves.

Instead of it being a feedback mechanism that rallies us to shift our strategy and try again, we take our failures personally. And eventually we avoid failure at all costs by shrinking rather than shining.

But here’s the truth …

“Failure is Only Bad When You Equate It with Your Self-Worth”

On today’s episode of The Quote of The Day podcast, Wayne Dyer, the self-proclaimed King of Failure, spells out where your worth really comes from. Plus, why your approval is all the approval you’ll ever need.

Today’s clip comes from Dr. Dyer’s audio program Secrets of The Universe available on the Nightingale Conant website and on Audible.

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