It doesn’t grow on trees.

It’s the root of all evil.

It takes it to make it.

People who have it are greedy.

It won’t buy happiness.

You should save it for … a rainy day.

When was the first time you heard these declarations about money? How old were you? How often did you hear them? Who did you hear them from?

Chances are, like me, you got this kind of “money programming” when you were too young to do any critical thinking. Maybe you accepted every word of it without deliberation. I mean, it did come from credible sources — family, grown-ups, your favorite movie characters. People who knew what they were talking about.

But here’s the thing …

As I mentioned in my ebook, the ideas and concepts we accept, either consciously or no thought at all, are passed on to the subconscious mind which is responsible for the overwhelming majority of our feelings and behaviors.

In other words, for many of us, our childhood money-is-bad programming became our subconscious money and success blueprints as adults. Yikes!

On today’s Finance Friday episode of The Quote of the Day Show, money mindset expert T. Harv Eker tells a seldom heard truth about the root of our financial circumstances:

“Each and every statement or message you heard (about money) when you were young is lodged in your subconscious mind and is part of your money blueprint that is running your financial life automatically.”


But … your blueprint CAN be changed!

With the help of Harv’s book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, I was able to completely revamp my own money programming several years ago. I highly recommend it.

Today’s clip comes from the audio program Teachers of The Secret: T: Harv Eker available on Audible.

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