Wanna know something funny?

Well, actually it’s a bit weird …

Sometimes I’ll take a nap in the middle of the day and dream about reading.

Honestly, it’s kinda frustrating because I’m always stuck on the same sentence, wondering why nothing makes sense.

Then I wake up relieved (and slightly weirded out) that it was all just a dream.

That’s when you know you know something’s important to you. When it’s high on your values ladder. When you can’t keep yourself from doing it. Even while you’re sound asleep.

When anyone asks Dr. John Demartini, “what do you do to chill out?,” he replies …

“The same thing I do when I’m on fire.”

Isn’t that an awesome way to live your life, to do what you love to do ALL THE TIME, for work and play (and sometimes sleep)?

Yet instead many of us diminish the things that inspire us from within in favor of subordinating ourselves to the values of others.

As a result, we lose sight of what inspires us. We give away our power. We stop being ourselves. Stop loving ourselves.

We get into the ultra-competitive mentality that plagues our society, admiring what we see in others without realizing that everything they have is also inside of ourselves.

In today’s QOD episode, Dr. John Demartini reminds you that:

“You’re always in competition with others when you’re not yourself. But the moment you’re yourself there’s no competition, because you’re totally unique.”

Be who you are. Love who you are. And do the things that are important to you. If not, you’re minimizing yourself to do what’s important to someone else.

That’s no way to live.

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