I think we’d all like to be better communicators.

Better communicators with our families, our friends, our employees or co-workers.

But seldom do we recognize that the best communication we can have is the way we communicate with ourselves.

What does your inner voice sound like?

Would it be rated PG, or more like an NC-17?

Most often, the way we communicate with ourselves is a consequence of the meaning we attribute to the circumstances, events, and conditions of our lives.

As I once learned while attending a Landmark Education seminar, things mean what we make them mean.

Or as today’s QOD speaker, Tony Robbins, says:

“Nothing in life has any meaning except the meaning I give it.”

This one is AWESOME.

Today’s clip is from Tony’s Unleash the Power Within audio program available for instant MP3 download available from our friends at Nightingale Conant.

Enjoy your day. See you tomorrow with the author of one of my favorite books ever!

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