Code Yellow Alert!

If you didn’t know already, a Code Yellow is when I read a book and just about every page is full of yellow highlighter.

That means it’s REALLY good.

The best part is that this particular book was a perfect blend of three of my favorite things: personal development, health, and storytelling.

And you know how I absolutely LOVE a good story.

The book is called Cured by Nature, written by Tara Mackey of The Organic Life Blog.

As tempted as I am to reveal Tara’s story here, I think I’ll save it for next week. That’s when she’ll be my very special guest on The Sessions. Do not miss it. I feel an Instant Classic coming on. 🙂

If you want to get a head start, pick up her book here.

Unfortunately, this week I don’t have a new interview for you. Sorry!

BUT it would be totally unbecoming of me to leave you hanging for two weeks between interviews. So I’ve got something really awesome for you today…

Around this time last year, I recorded one of my most memorable episodes of Underground Wellness Radio. My guest was Jake Ducey, author of The Purpose Principles.

At 23 years old, Jake had already published his second book, was working on turning his first book into a movie, and creating a ginormous community of young go-getters on YouTube and social media.

Not only was Jake’s story and message super impressive, but the audience feedback was stellar. So I thought I’d upload it as a bonus session to hold you over until next week’s session with Tara.