Guest: Gretchen Rubin

This happens every once in a while…

A guest needs to reschedule our recording and I’m left without any content for our weekly podcast. Totally understandable, though. It happens.

So, to keep this party humming along I decided to upload a BONUS session for you this week. And I think you’re gonna love it.

This episode originally aired last April on Underground Wellness Radio. Gretchen Rubin, author of the bestseller Better Than Before, and I discussed how to break free of bad habits while creating new ones that STICK.

But wait, these aren’t your ordinary “how bad do you want it?”, white-knuckle-your-way-through-it kinds of strategies for behavior change. Because really, there is no one-size-fits-all master plan for everyone.

These strategies are personal!

In other words, what works for my personality type — I’m what they call an Upholder — may not work for yours.

Maybe you’re a Questioner, someone who needs a sound reason or real purpose to change your ways. It has to be WORTHWHILE.

Or maybe you’re an Obliger who needs external accountability to get charged up and motivated to take action. To get moving you need deadlines, outside expectations, and responsibilities to meet.

Then again, you could be a Rebel and resist pretty much anyone’s input. You do what you want to do!

Click the PLAY button above to listen in and find out what your “tendency” is. PLUS, get 8 highly effective strategies for creating new habits and behaviors.

Because your habits and behaviors determine your results. And when you create new habits, you end up better than before.

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