I wanted to be a party animal…

But to be part of the party crowd you kinda have to be able to stay awake past midnight.

Uh, not happening.

Can’t say I didn’t try, though. No matter what I did, my best intentions for a Friday night would crumble amid a bad case of the yawns and heavy eyelids …. at 10pm.

I mean, people were just starting to come out and I was ready to go home.

It was so frustrating! I couldn’t understand how people could stay out all night and still function. It made no sense.

Now, almost three years after turning in my “bar and club scene” card, I finally get it.

I’m a Lion.

In other words, I’m genetically wired to wake up early, get things done, crash in the afternoon, and hit the hay while the Wolves and Dolphins are getting ready to paint the town red.

Seriously, I’m writing this at 8:45am and I already have 9,089 steps on my FitBit.

I get up and go.

You’re probably wondering what Wolves and Dolphins have to do with anything.

Well, according to Dr. Michael Breus’s new book, The Power of When, there are four distinct sleep types — Dolphins, Lions, Bears, and Wolves.

Dolphins are light-sleeping insomniacs who sometimes wake up unsure as to whether they actually slept or not. They tend be highly intelligent Type As and can’t seem to turn off their brains at bedtime.

Lions are optimistic morning people, early to rise but early to crash. They tend to be the high achieving type, getting more stuff done by 9am than most people get done all day.

(That would be me.)

Bears prefer a solar-based sleep schedule. They like to take naps and tend to be fun-loving and outgoing. Current sleep recommendations are based on this type.

Wolves are the creative introverts who get in bed at midnight and lie there for hours. They don’t hit their stride until late afternoon when everyone else is running on fumes.

What does this all mean?

What do you do if you’re an a Dolphin-like insomniac or Wolfish night owl living in a Bear’s world?

This week on The Sessions, Dr. Breus shares his best tips for optimizing your sleep type. You’ll find out how you can improve your efficiency during work hours, stabilize your energy, and get MORE high-quality sleep.

And if it that doesn’t get you all excited, you’ll also find out when is the best time for you and your partner to have s*x.

Okay, NOW I have your attention. 🙂

The Sleep Success Summit is Underway!

The Sleep Success Summit, hosted by Dr. Breus, kicked off this morning! Today you can catch these experts talks:

* The Sleep Smarter Program with Shawn Stevenson

* What It’s Like to Go Through Sleep Testing? with Terry Cralle, RN

* I Have Narcolepsy. Do You? with Julie Flygare, JD

* A New Perspective on Sleep Apnea with Thaddeus Gala, DC

* An Interview with The Sleep Doctor with Dr. Michael Breus, interviewed by yours truly

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