I’m alive!

It’s been about two weeks since I last posted here, and three weeks since I posted a brand new interview. (The last one was a bonus.)

Did I take another vacation?

Nope, I’ve been practicing what I preach by following my bliss.

You see, as much as I LOVE interviewing our podcast guests, the prep time can take up to 25-30 hours. Doesn’t leave a lot of time to tackle the other projects I’d like to complete.

So I’ve decided to move the podcast to an every-other-week schedule for the next couple months. That way, I can finish the FREE ebook and 30-day program I’ve been wanting to put together for you.

This month I’ve been delving deep into The Science of Mind, reading lots of old books from the 1930s as well as more recent ones by today’s most brilliant neuroscientists.

Interestingly, if there’s one thing that these authors can all agree upon, it’s this: we become what we think about, and therefore we MUST protect our minds as if our lives depended on it.

Or as this week’s podcast guest, Tara Mackey, suggests, you must “always stand guard at the door to your own mind.”

It’s so easy to get caught up in negative, non-productive thoughts and ideas. I mean, they’re coming at us from all directions, it seems! But it’s up to us to accept or reject these ideas.

Because when we accept the negativity and become emotionally involved with it, there not much we can do but become negative ourselves.

Born to a deeply drug-addicted mother and raised by her grandparents, Tara became convinced that she was “naturally depressed”, that she was powerless over her emotions, and that a pill could solve her problems.

A dozen years after her bipolar diagnosis and many more diagnoses and prescriptions to follow, Tara woke up and made a DECISION to heal herself naturally with herbs, meditation, and a new way of thinking.

It’s both a shocking and inspiring story of taking back her health and life by taking control of her mind.