Everyone’s got one.

That annoying voice in our heads that tell us what we can’t do, who we can’t be, and why we can’t do it. Our inner critic.

When we commit to moving forward, it takes joy in stopping us.

When we wish to speak up, it seals our lips and paralyzes the tongue.

When all we want is to say yes, it tells us no.

The inner critic is the voice of FEAR. Stay where you are. Keep things safe. Avoid uncertainty.

It will always be there, it has nowhere to go. This we must accept. Yet as powerful as it may be, it is no match for your own greatest power. Your ability to choose.

On today’s episode of The Sessions, Melissa Ambrosini, author of Mastering Your Mean Girl, reveals how exercising your greatest power can put your inner critic on mute so you can stay on your path to following your purpose and passions.

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