Be kind. For everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.


You. Me. Even the rich. Even the famous.

Even the ones who look like they have it all together, as if they have it all figured out.

The truth is, ALL of us are struggling through something. It’s these battles — the ones we face head-on — that cause us to become the strongest versions of ourselves.

If you ever happened upon Nicole Lapin reporting breaking news or hosting the hit TV show Hatched, you might assume you knew her story, what she was all about.

The youngest anchor ever hired by CNN. Author of a bestselling book. Winner of the Best Money Expert award over household names like Warren Buffet, Tony Robbins, and Dave Ramsey.



The daughter of a surgeon and a former Miss Israel.

Born with a silver spoon … or so we’d think.

But things aren’t always what they seem. Not even close.

In today’s episode of The Sessions, Nicole opens up and reveals the truth about her chaotic childhood and the heroic paternal influence that instilled within her the mindset and work ethic to become exactly who she is.

I’m often asked what’s been my favorite or most memorable interview. It’s always a tough question to answer. However, from this day forward the answer will be Nicole Lapin. Hands down.

This one isn’t just an Instant Classic. It’s a MUST LISTEN, with more lessons and wisdom packed into a single episode than anything I’ve ever recorded before.

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