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1557 | John Addison: “You’re Here to Do Something Special.”

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27 Nov / 2022

John Addison: “You’re Here to Do Something Special.”

John Addison leads off the week with a message to stop taking advice from the wrong people, to be willing to fight for the life you want, and to stop wasting time on distractions. Source: Who Do You Listen to? John Addison on the Importance of Good Advice

27 Nov / 2022

Dr. John Demartini: “A Fixed Income is a Fixed Mindset.”

On today’s Finance Friday episode, Dr. Demartini shares two strategies for increasing your income. Plus, the reason why some people see wealth as greedy, while others don’t. Source: The Ultimate Wealth Mastery Library

25 Nov / 2022

Wintley Phipps: “I Got the H.P.L.P. Gene.”

Today, Wintley Phipps reveals how you have a gene — the H.P.L.P. gene — that is at the very foundation of your success. Source: Inspirational Speaker – Wintley Phipps – Motivational & Success Speaker

21 Nov / 2022

Jim Rohn: “The More You Serve the Greater Your Fortune.”

On today’s QOD, Jim Rohn shares the principles and equations that contributed to his success. Plus you’ll discover the most pivotal key to an extraordinarily life. How many people are YOU serving? Source: Rare Jim Rohn seminar.

20 Nov / 2022

Rev. Ike: “Whatever You are Ready For is Ready for You.”

Reverend Ike kicks off the week with an encouragement to mentally prepare for the thing you want. Make room for the thing you want. Because when you’re ready for what you want, and you’ve made room for what you want, your mind will produce it. Source: The Money Producing Tendency that Works! – Rev. Ike’s How …