We all have them.

You know, those talents and gifts at which we once excelled, but are now just memories of how things used to be.

We stopped practicing. Maybe called it quits. Or we just couldn’t find the time anymore.

Inevitably, what was once in our well-guarded possession slowly evaporated.

Going, going, gone.

It’s the law.

The Universal Law of Use decrees that lack of use causes loss.

But it’s not just talents and skills that we forfeit to disuse. The law applies to everything — ambition, feelings, faith, creativity, passion, vitality, time, energy, all of it.

The things we set aside eventually die.

So how do we see to it that the law doesn’t polish off even more valuable assets — ones that we’ll wish we could have back?

Well, I’ll let Jim Rohn break it all down for you on today’s episode. Tap the PLAY button above to listen in!

You can find today’s full talk here.

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