Every successful person in this world has jumped.

If you listened to last Monday’s episode of The Quote of The Day Show, you heard Steve Harvey give a moving speech about “the jump.”

He talked about an old friend of his who, when they were young, would skip the late night partying because he had to cut someone’s grass in the morning. Steve and his crew would laugh at their never-goes-out, grass-cutting friend.

But today that friend has a landscaping company worth $4 million.

Yeah, he cut grass. But he cut it better than anyone else. It was his gift.

Another one of Steve’s pals has a gift for detailing cars. Cleaning every nook and cranny of someone else’s vehicle is what he loves to do, and he makes $800,000 a year doing it.

Ya know, sometimes we get stuck trying to figure out what our gifts are when they’re right under our noses. We think our gifts lack significance. That they’re not good enough. And therefore we’re not good enough.

But everyone has a gift.

Yes, YOU have a gift.

Maybe you’re the one everybody goes to for relationship advice. Or maybe you have a knack for fixing things. Putting stylish outfits together. Finding the best restaurants in town. Making people laugh. Planning events. Creating the most delicious recipes. Helping people heal. Cutting grass.

There are people who will gladly pay you for your relationship advice. Someone is more than willing to purchase your e-course about repairing home appliances. A traveler in San Francisco is looking for your website so she can find the perfect spot for dinner tonight. Then again, maybe she’s looking for a recipe blog so she can prepare a healthy dinner on her own. And when you make her taste buds swoon, she’ll go back to your site to order your e-cookbook.

I think you get the point. 🙂

My gift is the ability to read books, make sense of the information, and present it in a way that anyone and everyone can understand. I’ve grown a community around this gift and it pays me very well. As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I literally get paid to read books. Not a bad gig.

Check this out …

I have a friend who used to earn six-figures teaching people how to dribble and shoot a basketball online. He eventually moved on from that biz, started a dating blog, and has turned what was his yearly income into a monthly income.

Another friend teaches men to become better, more confident versions of themselves. He stopped by my house 3 years ago when he was living with his parents and just getting his business off the ground. He’s earning about $500,000 a year now, has a half dozen employees, and lives at the beach (without his parents.)

Another pal of mine shot my photos for the old SC website back in 2013. During the shoot, he asked me about what I did for a living and how I did it. That day he literally went home, turned on his webcam and started teaching people how to shoot incredible photos on his YouTube channel. A year or so later, he had his business on autopilot using Facebook ads. That’s when both he and his wife quit their dreaded day jobs. I had dinner at their new house a couple months ago. The place is ginormous.

The one thing all of these people have in common is that they identified their gift, walked right up to the ledge, and JUMPED.

And by jumping, they made the choice to LIVE. Because to be quite honest with you, waking up every day to go to a job you hate is not living.

As Steve Harvey says, the only way to see what living is like is to jump. To take that leap. To get so far of your comfort zone that you don’t even know what to do with yourself. To hear that chatterbox inside pleading for you to go back to where everything is safe, and to tell it to shut the f**k up. Because it’s time to live.

Pardon my French.

Last week I put out an invitation to jump. And as part of our B-School Scholarship Video Contest, a few dozen brave people stood in front of a camera for 3 minutes and shared their visions for how they are going to use their gifts to help others.

Missy Bane, a functional health practitioner, shared her gift for helping women comfortably transition through menopause. She even sang a Hot Flashin’ song that has to be one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in my life!

Anna Maiden put on a goatee, made a JERF t-shirt, and opened her video with a Yo! What’s Up, Y’all! She’s going to help women of all ages take back their brains, body, and beauty. She also has a gift for making Jake Ducey dolls. You gotta see this.

And then there’s Courtney, a mother of two beautiful children living in an 400-square-foot RV in Texas. Her gift is bringing parents and their kids together as volunteers for community causes.

This contest could have gone either way. In fact, I still hadn’t decided the winner when I went on the air with Marie Forleo last night.

But there was something about Courtney. I felt like she was 1000 miles outside of her comfort zone, in a place so unknown that she couldn’t even recognize it. Like so many of us, Courtney admitted to having a fear of being seen, something that holds so many of us back from jumping.

Courtney jumped. She jumped like Michael Jordan from the free-throw line and slam dunked it with a message and a mission that more people need to not only hear … but see.

So let’s show Courtney some LOVE for kicking her fear of being seen to the curb, getting waaaay out of her comfort zone, and jumping. Because it is her courage to jump that will inspire others to do the same.

Watch Courtney’s Video Here.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a video. Though you didn’t “win” the scholarship, you still won at life. How so? Well, this email I received from Tanya this morning sums it up quite nicely:

“I might have “failed” to get a scholarship, but really I won, because I grew from the experience of putting my video out there. I know it’s hard to tell from my video, but I was FREAKING out with nerves on the inside. Thanks for the invitation to stretch my comfort zone. I’m motivated more than ever to keep going and excited for all of our journeys ahead.”

When we stretch ourselves, there’s no way we can lose.

As I mentioned earlier, our contest winner was announced during last night’s LIVE Q&A with Marie Forleo, host of Marie TV and creator of B-School. If you missed it, Marie dropped all kinds of mindset and business knowledge on us. Here are a few topics she covered:

* The one thing Marie and I do every single morning to get centered and ready to take on the day.

* The most common mistake small business owners make … and how to navigate it.

* Marie’s best tips for where to put your focus when your mind is full of so many great ideas!

Listen to the Q&A here.

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Thank so much for reading. Feel free to email me back to let me know what your gift is and if you’re ready to JUMP. I want to hear all about it!

Happy Wednesday,