I think about the most random stuff …

Like the one hit wonder who never tops the charts again. The rookie first baseman who smacks a grand slam on his first at-bat. The writer whose first book goes number one on the bestseller list.

Last month I asked Jen Sincero how she dealt with the pressure of writing the follow-up to her bestselling classic You Are a Badass.

She cried in her driveway. Face down on the pavement. In her bathrobe. Total meltdown.

What happens when you hit the supposed “pinnacle” of success too soon?

I mean, where could you possibly go from there … well, other than down? Face down. Melting down. In a robe. Right where you park your car.

I got a taste of this last year. It was my very first interview for The SC Sessions podcast. Bob Proctor was my special guest.

I’d spent weeks preparing for that one. And near the end of our time together, Bob called me the best interviewer he’d ever encountered in his 55-year career.

Totally blushing.

I was on top of the world. The best prosperity teacher on the planet thought I was the best at what I did.

Totally winning.

A week later, I uploaded Bob’s episode to iTunes and the reviews poured in. Listeners called it one of the best interviews they’d ever heard. A masterpiece. It was my pièce de résistance.

But wait. Hold up. Let’s all just slow our roll a bit here. This is episode #1!

Total breakdown.

I couldn’t help but envision my career as an interviewer soon going the way of the Who Let the Dogs Out!? guys.

I was totally in my head.

Episode #2 turned out so-so. Meh. And truth be told, the third episode with Dr. Lissa Rankin was actually a do-over. The listeners expected classics (so I thought) and I couldn’t bring myself to share what I felt was a mediocre performance on my part. So we re-recorded. Thanks, Doc.

I won’t lie to you. Those peak performances still get in my head — the Nicole Lapins, Lisa Nichols, Bonnie Kellys, and the Tara Mackeys.

But I still showed up for the next episode. I still found my way home.

Last week on The Quote of The Day Show, bestselling author Elizabeth Gilbert shared how she was able to move forward and find her way home in the face of disappointing her readers who expected another Eat, Pray, Love.

“Your Home is Whatever in This World You Love
More than You Love Yourself.”

Listen Here.

So, what do you call home? What’s that thing you can’t help doing? That thing you love more than you love yourself. Leave a comment below and let us know!

Thanks for reading.